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Hyperspectral imaging for early stage disease recognition in grapevines

BENCO Baltic is initiating an innovation project in Croatia in order to create a solution for disease recognition in grapevines at an early stage. The targeted solution combines unmanned aerial vehicles, spectrometry and advanced analytical models into a complete solution for applications on the farm.

Grapevine spectral data is captured using high precision hyperspectral cameras mounted on drones. The data is then processed using advanced, custom-built analytical models, developed by using Machine Learning, Neural Networking and various other data analysis techniques. Once developed and commercialized, the solution will provide vineyards with crucial information on plant health and an interactive map that outlines problem areas in the field. The farmer would them be able to take timely action, plan targeted agrochemical use and thus reduce productivity loss.

The potential of the already developed base technology to be used in this project is currently being demonstrated and tested on-farm in one of the biggest EU agriculture and IoT innovations projects – the ‘Internet of Food & Farm 2020’ (IoF2020).

Spectrometric technology for oyster quality assessment on-site (SOQA)

BENCO Baltic is participating in an international consortium to develop and demonstrate an innovative technological solution for oyster quality assessment on-site.

The approach chosen to address the market need for preventative oyster testing on-site utilizes NIR spectrometry in combination with machine learning and advanced data analysis techniques. The expected end result will be a service for rapid on-site assessment of oysters by scanning oyster flesh and uploading the data to a SaaS platform. The solution will help farmers assess oyster quality, growth conditions, evaluating potential risks and operational planning both at oyster growing and harvesting stages, as well as performing oyster quality and freshness monitoring and preventative screening down different supply chain stages.

The project has been co-financed by HAMAG-BICRO through the EUREKA program.

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